The Three Stages

The franchises are split into three managable stages so that franchisees can understand one part before moving onto the next. They learn how to run their business step by step with training sessions specific to each stage. A franchise is considered fully launched when all three stages have been completed and it is hoped that this would be achieved within two years. Each stage is paid for before it commences and includes training, launch support and updates to SOMP as well as other things that are specific to each stage.

The Franchise Basic

The Franchise Basic includes everything needed to recruit a team of TRS Teachers and begin to run regular classes and one off events in your community. You will be given your territory, operations manuals, launch marketing material and support, a franchise specific web page and social media logins as well as training and access to SOMP, initial merchandise and much more.

Adult Dance

It's recommended that the Adult Dance stage is completed as soon as possible after The Franchise Basic because this stage includes the sought after Active Armchairs sessions and allows for profitability during school holidays. As well as the training and support provided at every stage, the franchisee or one of their TRS Teachers also receives free Active Armchairs facilitator training.

Educating Dance

The Educating Dance stage allows the franchisee to offer more to schools. This stage is about dance that educates pupils and the classes are sought after as they allow schools to provide value added activity. It includes both Cross-curricular dance and International Dance and either the franchisee or one of their TRS Teachers will receive the Educating Dance Teacher Training for free.

For an in depth look at the many things included at each stage please see our prospectus. You can request one by clicking on the button to the right and filling in the form.