The Franchise Opportunity

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TRS Franchise gives people the opportunity to start their own community dance business using a tried and tested method.

Each franchisee and their team of TRS Teachers deliver dance in schools, care homes, day centres and other organisations both regularly and on a one off, project basis. If a TRS Teacher is trained in a dance genre, it can be offered. Training in Active Armchairs and Educating Dance is also provided because the aim is always Dance at Any Age, for Any Ability.

The franchise opportunities have been carefully thought out to give the franchisees the greatest chance of success. There are three stages to split the franchise into bite size chunks, plenty of training at the start of each stage and on going support such as mentoring and SOMP. Read on and apply for a prospectus to find out more.


Funding is available to franchisees via a Government backed start up loan scheme. This comes in the form of an unsecured personal loan, up to £25,000, at 6% over 5 years. We hope this will allow more community dance practitioners to start their own business. The Right Step will reach more communities and provide more opportunities for people to have the chance to dance. Please apply for a prospectus for more information.

The Three Stages to Fully Launched

The franchise opportunity is split into three sections, The Franchise Basic, Adult Dance and Educating Dance. It's hoped that all three stages will be completed within the first two years of business. A franchise is considered fully launched when all three stages are completed because it is at this point that the franchise can truly fulfil one of The Right Step's main aims, Dance at Any Age, for Any Ability.

Territory Mapping

We believe that the franchises should not be in competition with each other so Territory Mapping was a key factor when designing the franchise opportunities. Territory Mapping splits the UK into sections that work well for TRS Franchises. It takes into account all of the things that affect The Right Step Dance Company and designates suitable areas. The territories have been digitally balanced, optimised, designated and mapped to ensure that every territory is optimised for each franchise.

The Prospectus Request Form

There's a lot more information in the TRS Franchise prospectus. It tells you how and why the franchises came to be as well as how they work and who is best suited to running one. There is also a detailed breakdown of the costs involved and how you can get funding (with our help). Please fill in the form and wait for our response, it shouldn't take long. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Why The Right Step?

  • We know it works, The Right Step Dance Company is proof of that.
  • We're honest and helpful!
  • The three stages make it all achievable.
  • You can teach as little or as much as you want.
  • The franchise includes Educating Dance and Active Armchairs.
  • You won't be in competition with other franchisees. You'll probably work with them instead.
  • We are as committed to you as you are to us.
  • SOMP! It's bespoke, it's only for The Right Step and franchises, it makes management easy.
  • The franchises are excellent value for money and we can help you apply for the funds you need.
  • Many experts have been brought in to ensure the franchise opportunities are the best they can be.
  • We want you to succeed.

Dance at Any Age, For Any Ability

From 0 to over 100, The Right Step is constantly expanding the number of opportunities that are on offer. By working together, dance teachers are able to offer much more than any one individual. Active Armchairs, One2One and Educating Dance are only provided by The Right Step and the franchises and franchisees receive training for this within their franchise package.

Honest and Helpful

We want you to succeed in your career. Prospective franchisees will all have a passion for giving others the opportunity to dance, but they won't all have all of the knowledge needed to fulfil the requirements. TRS Franchise will be there to provide extensive support and guidance for all franchisees both at the beginning and on an ongoing basis through training, mentoring and sign posting.

The Community Dance Franchise

TRS Franchise offers the opportunity to further your career as a community dance practitioner and support the dance community around you in the process. You will be working to expand dance provision in your area and to provide high quality, well organised, accessible dance opportunities for people who aren't yet able to access it.


Do you have a passion for dance and think you might be interested? Find out if you have what it takes to run a profitable community dance franchise by applying for a prospectus.