What is SOMP?

SOMP is The Right Step's bespoke Secure Online Management Portal. It has been designed by Snapwire to make our office tasks quicker and easier and is hosted in a secure and backed up environment. SOMP has a database of organisations, a library of useful documents such as our policies, helps to keep track of things related to the TRS Teachers, invoicing and documents and much more.

Since the first stage of development, new aspects have been added to make SOMP even more user friendly and to allow franchisees to benefit from it as well. Now franchisees each have their own section of SOMP that is specific to their territory and staff. The documents in the library can be updated by head office so that franchisees automatically have the most up to date information and don't have to manually change things themselves. The accountants have also been given some access so that they can support franchisees with their quarterly reporting and the other things they might need in the best way possible.

SOMP is user friendly and a fantastic tool that's only available to The Right Step Dance Company and TRS Franchise Ltd.